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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  March 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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news from the search for an infected 9--- and abducted nine-year-old boy. wuilbert garcia has been found safe and nevada. his mother is now in custody. john gonzales joins us with the latest details. >> police telling us that just a few hours ago, the boy was found with his mother at any airport in reno, nevada. the woman was immediately detained and arrested. she did not have custody for this boy. early this morning here at home, police are telling us the mercedes believe to be the car used to a duck the bullet was found abandoned -- used to adopt the boy was found abandoned. the mother told the staff the boy had a doctor's appointment. when the father showed up, the boy was gone. school officials say they were not aware of their recent
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custodial changed and they did clear the boy to leave because this was his mother. but, some 15 hours later, the boy has been found across the country. police told us he was not harmed. the mother faces several charges. police are trying to figure out if there is any connection to reno, nevada or if it was just a temporary location. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> do i so much. new this morning, some homes and businesses in fairfax county lost power after an accident on lee highway. one person was hurt. dominion expects the power to be restored any minute. >> led a switch gears and look at traffic and weather. >> we will start with adam caskey. >> yesterday was a record breaker. the airports went into the lower
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80's. and today, a little bit cooler. we will not be in record territory today. we have areas of rain. today will be more active in terms of showers and thunderstorms. nothing's of the year, or double to -- nothing severe or strong. it will be moving into route 15 soon between leesburg in frederick. that little patch of green and yellow between martinsburg in hagerstown pushing to the east. temperatures in the lower 50's. 52 at reagan national. limited sunshine today. if you sunny breaks, but overall fairly cloudy. have your umbrella, you only will me a few times. highs in the upper 70's. what is the latest on the commute? >> there is a minor collision reported northbound on route 4.
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this is before you get into upper marlboro. it is a single vehicle crashes. i do not have anything reported out of the norma and andrews air force base. we will go to a picture in silver spring, maryland. 29 at fenton street -- that is the growing volume of traffic. back to the news. >> lisa, thank you. we want to get right to a story right now. the american soldier accused of killing six teen afghans begin 16 afghans could be moved to a prison in the u.s. his attorney said his client saw his friend's legs blown off the day before. the night before the massacre, the soldiers snapped under the stress of this deployment. in the meantime, michigan picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through a community of. , michigan. the funnel cloud damaged more
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than 100 homes. no serious injuries. >> there is some video there. police are looking for whoever violently attacked a woman wednesday night in fairfax county. this happened in a wooded area along the 9700 block of commonwealth boulevard. jummy olabanji is live with the latest. >> pamela, good morning. residents saying that even he did this after this attack, they are very shaken up. police say that woman was walking up to far from where we are when a man showed up out of nowhere holding a sharp object and assaulted her. police have not made any arrests. >> it is a very creepy to think somebody could be lurking very close. >> people living near commonwealth boulevard in fairfax say they always feel safe but not anymore. >> i was shocked mostly because it was so close to our house. >> police a wednesday night
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around 10:00 p.m. a man grabbed a 24-year-old woman from behind and sexually assaulted her. >> a violent crime. that is an odd thing around here. >> investigators returned to the neighborhood last night and took a lot of pictures, paying particular attention to an area near the woods in a parking lot near a tennis court and a pool. neighbors of the suspect is caught soon. >> if it were from this community, and he will not take them long to get caught. >> police say the victim was not able to get a good look at the suspect because he had his face covered. if there is anyone who has information about the attack give the police a call. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you. police are investigating two hate crimes in northwest washington targeting members of the gay community. on sunday, a gay man was shot
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outside and i hop and on monday, one was beaten at georgia avenue and irving street. these injuries were not life- threatening and the incidents are not linked. >> turning to the 2012 campaign now. the candidates are busy searching for votes ahead of upcoming contests. rick santorum campaign in puerto rico yesterday. their primary is sunday. romney a campaign in puerto rico and illinois. gingrich's focusing on the illinois where the primary is on tuesday. ron paul is campaigning in missouri and illinois. president obama kicks into campaign mode today with the events in chicago and atlanta. this trip comes one day after his campaign released and all my documentary -- online document. . >> how do we understand this president? >> the video presents a flattering look at the president's first term.
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it includes bill clinton defending the auto bailouts. >> looking to day again. we have the first round of march men as at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in columbus. the hoyas are number 3. coming up a little bit later in sports, we look back at some of the other first-round action yesterday including the bracket busting win for vcu. >> they did idea again. -- it again. >> the news that could send gas prices down.
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>> welcome back. i hope your friday as up to a great start. >> lisa baden is standing by. >> traffic is picking up. 270 southbound is slowing between 8109. -- 8109. in normal stuff coming out of woodbridge. in a little bit of a delay for you. let me see if i can pull up the camera into the district. everything looks good on pennsylvania avenue. how about it, adam caskey? >> today, and other warm day.
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not record-challenging like yesterday's. still warm in the upper 70's, but some rain. already, we have showers out there. lol moderate showers in eastern washington county moving -- a little moderate showers in eastern washington county moving east. you're seeing the light rain move on into town early this morning. debitor was, for the most part we are in the lower 50's. 77 this afternoon with more clouds than sun. but i think we'll get a few sunny breaks and scattered thunderstorms. have your umbrella with you. i do not think you will have to use it all that often, though. tomorrow, partly sunday, amid -- partly sunny, mid- 70's. that is 10 degrees above average. >> thank you. let us look at hollywood
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headlines. george clooney spent his third straight day in the district. he is calling for sedan's president to end the humanitarian crisis. rhinnaanna is being criticized for relationship with chris brown. he is stretched with assaulting her back in 2009. finally, a tv show is the silver screen tribute. "21 jump street" -- will open this weekend. >> a lot of people will be out here for george clooney at the sudan embassy. i might be one of them. >> i am not surprised. the fight for a casino at the national harbour. we will give you the hearing today in annapolis. >> we have a growing crowd
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>> this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> the wait is almost over for apple fans. >> so much anticipation for the new ipad. demand is already out going supply. brianne carter is live with the details. >> just as you anticipated, we have growing crowds at here waiting to get their hands on the new gadget. they are calling it the new ipad. throughout the morning we have had a number of people come out here, many saying they want to be one of the first to get their hands on the ipad. the third version goes on sale at 8:00 this morning. two years after the release of
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the first version of the tablet many people said they want to be able to get the latest and greatest. apple says the new model has a sharper screen and improved cameras. all good improvements. we talk to people who are waiting in line about what is the fascination for wanting to be one of the first. >> first in line, very excited. it is cold air out and we wanted to -- wanted it to be. >> this is supposed to be the best tablet on the market. i want to make sure i got it first. >> we have seen a lot of guys out here in line wanting to be one of the first. the apple employees pulled down a black veil that was over the front of the door, revealing the ipad. it will cost to about $500 or more depending on the model that you get. a lot of people talking about this being the first product that has hit shelves since the passing of steve jobs. just a few hours from now, many
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people will have the new ipad in their hands. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> a couple days in the 80's and we cannot handle 50's. these are pictures from new york city. the lines are longer there. >> quite a crowd out there. i am sure it is already new york city as people wait for the ipad. they did not want to wait to order it online. they are sold out a lot of places. >> kias more exciting to get it first. you can have bragging rights. >> you could win one for our facebook giveaway. signup by going to /facebook. we will announce the winner tonight at 5:00. >> apple stock hits a new high ahead of the ipad debut. the secret meeting that could mean an end to soaring gas prices, we find out more from tj when it. >> good morning.
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president obama it is considering releasing some of the country's petroleum reserve to bring down oil and gasoline prices. there is no final decision or timetable on when. scammers have found a new way to inflict pain at the pump. they installed devices on self serve gas pumps that copy your credit card information. the new ipad is going on sale this morning. customers are waiting outside apple stores and other retailers to be amongst the first owners. apple stock hit $600 per share yesterday. worker's waist 13.5 minutes every time they check their ncaa back -- bracket. that will cost employers $175 million in just these first deed of days. -- in these first two days. >> thank you. maryland lawmakers will sound off on a billion dollar plan to build a container at the national harbour -- a casino at
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the national harbour. voters would also have to approve a referendum. investigators have sent d.c. council chair brown a subpoena for campaign records related to the top political donors. they're looking for evidence of a possible campaign finance irregularities. >> we have a heads up for writers -- riders. the shady grove will be closed until sunday. it trains will be single tracking on the orange blue, and green line. >> which a traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden one more time. >> i like what we see. we have the normal volume on 66 and centreville. we see delays now forming out of woodbridge on 95. good in and out on baltimore.
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a minor collision northbound on four. they will wait for the tow truck. nobody is waiting around near andrews air force base on the beltway. we will see if we can down our maryland camera. 270 southbound heavier out of gaithersburg. heading into rockville down to the lane divide across the american legion bridge and -- bridges relatively smooth. >> adam caskey did you hear those people? 49 degrees and they said it was cold. we have air-conditioning on yesterday. >> we have party acclimated to the summer heat. >> is not take long, does id? >> no. the hang over is going to take over today. the first 15 days of march, according to the national weather service the average
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high temperature was the second warmest on record. let us look at the record highs yesterday. reagan national, 82 bricking record by one degree. dulles airport, 84. bwi marshall --seven the three because of the influence of the chesapeake bay. -- 73 because of the influence of the chesapeake bay. significantly cooled the land immediately along the water including bwi marshall airport. areas of rain off to our north west this morning. especially moving into myersville through harper's ferry. that sprinkel is falling apart though. jefferson, you'll get a little bit. that is about it. here is a wider view. some of the energy is going to move our way later on today and that will trigger more showers
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and storms especially into the afternoon. we're not expecting anything very strong or severe, but do anticipate a few downpours. have your umbrella with you. you will not needed all the time. -- need it all the time,. . 52 in the district. 48 in gaithersburg. it is a warm start to the day. winter this morning? 49 in hagerstown. we are a few degrees shy of the average afternoon high. 77 this afternoon. we will call it a little bit -- mid- 70 tomorrow. variable cloud cover is a good way to put it. into the 60's on sunday. that is 20 degrees above average for this time of year. we rebound next week. it does not look like we will have any record challenging heat any time soon. >> sounds good to me, adam. we have 50 degrees. >> still ahead, 12 plus hours of
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basketball produced two that -- bracket busters. if you were on board last year, you are watching "good morning washington." >> >> next "anderson."
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>> oh my goodness!
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>> vcu once the final four. the rams ups at wichita state. they have a date with indiana. the last game of the night, colorado beet at their rival. >> vcu's win is not a complete surprise. >> we will see what happens when the tournament continues. 16 more games. georgetown will open play against belmont. in about -- an hour before that, tennessee and virginia kicks off -- virginia kicks off against florida. >> nick young and javale mcgee are gone. the wizards higet nene brian
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cook. they beat new orleans clotheslined. >> still another half an hour of "good morning washington." joe williams joins us to look at the next round of political elections. >> the local boys on this morning.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> breaking news. in amber a lark for a missing boy canceled. we have a live report. >> this summer he is on the way
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out. we find out in a few minutes. it is friday morning. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. breaking news for the search from and abducted nine-year-old boy. the amber alert is now canceled. investigators say wuilbert garcia has been found in nevada. his mother is in custody. john gonzalez joins us from prince george's county headquarters with the latest details. >> pamela we understand that boy is now on his way back to maryland. he was on with his mother at an airport in reno, nevada. the mother does not have custody of the boy. immediately, she was detained and arrested. chargers are pending. early this morning, the mercedes police believed was used to adopt the boy was found. the abduction is shown here. she took him out of school yesterday morning and never brought him back.
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>> somebody picked up my son, a different person. >> an amber alert was issued for the missing third grader. this is the woman officials say was behind the abduction. steve chenevey as mother -- silvia garcia, his mother. she checked her son that of the elementary school claiming he had a doctor's appointment when his father showed up at 3:00 p.m. and boy was gone. officials were never made aware of the custodial agreement. >> we were not fully aware of the circumstances and so right now, we are just really focused on making sure that wiulbert is safe. >> 15 hours later, he has been found across the country.
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the mother has been -- charges are pending. the boy returning home at this hour. police are trying to figure out if there is any connection to reno nev. or if that was just a random location. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> u.s. for the latest. new this morning, the lights are back on in one part of fairfax county. a crash brought down a utility pole sparking a fire. thousands of homes without power. one person was hurt in the crash. >> let us get our check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we checked in with lisa baden in just a second, but first this adam caskey. >> it will be a warm day. not quite as hot as yesterday. yesterday, we had a record- breaking heat in the lower 80's. today into the upper 70's. we are ready have areas of light rain. this broken line of rain is falling apart.
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also coming in and around clark and warren counties there is some action. 52 in the district. fifth in frederick. 49 in hagerstown. while this afternoon, 77 with a few sunny breaks or peaks of sunshine. overall, fairly cloudy. scattered showers and storms a little bit this morning and more widespread this afternoon and into the evening. into the weekend? partly sunny. 75 on saturday and cooling into the 60's on sunday. any new issues, lisa? >> there is a crash and 29 and centreville. it is impacting 66 traffic because you can see the flashing lights as you pass through the area. callers are telling us that 29, you cannot exit from centreville off 29 to head onto 66 because precarious, that is where the accident is.
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that is all i am thinking about right now. i do not have anything else except for volume. 95, look get it out of the woodbridge. back to the news desk. >> thank you so much. we are following a developing story. the american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians in a rampage could be moved to a u.s. military prison as an as today. the soldier's attorney says his client saw his friend's legs blown off a day before the shooting. the veteran and his family thought he was done fighting before he was deployed to afghanistan. meanwhile, michigan is picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the community of. dexter. no one was hurt. >> police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in fairfax. the woman was walking around, what boulevard wednesday night
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when a man grabbed her from behind. he threatened her with a weapon and then pulled her into the woods. he took off after being startled by a noise. police believe gender bias was likely factor in two crimes in northwest d.c.. they do not believe the incidents are linked. on sunday, a gay man was shot outside and i hop restaurant on 14th street. on monday night, in other man was beaten and robbed. the injuries were not life- threatening. >> the republican presidential candidates are busy looking for votes and upcoming contests here present form campaigned in puerto rico yesterday. the u.s. commonwealth votes on sunday. romney will campaign in puerto rico today. gingrich's targeting eleanor i. -- ellen i. ron paul campaigned in an illinois and missouri. >> pamela brown -- "politico"
6:36 am
reports. >> rick santorum was mis-quoted when he was talking about puerto rico. >> it is hard to see how he could make that case. the big picture is, it is are to see how the campaign can be seen as anything other than further driving the latino vote away from the republican party. >> what could this mean for obama? >> it is good news. the republican primary for them is the gift that keeps on giving. the ad's right themselves. sugar santorum -- sec shutter rick santorum be the nominee this is great for key states where the republicans are losing ground to democrats. >> one of the things he brought up was gas prices saying no president has control over gas prices so lay off gop.
6:37 am
>> it will be a big issue, is it not? >> that does not make a difference in politics. the republican party will continue hammering him over the issue. it is a pocketbook issue that people feel. he does not have much control over oil prices, but he is the president. he gets credit and the blame even if there is nothing he can do. >> we will have to wait and see. thank you for being here. >> see more on >> georgetown is going head-to- head with the belmont on the first round of march madness at 3:00. the hoyas are number 3. hopefully we will not see enough said. >> good news for the wizards nene coming here.
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i am trying to get my sports slang go down. -- lingo down. >> thousands lined up to get the new ipad already on sale in some countries. we will see what is happening in georgetown. >> the link between work and your waist line.
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>> a new texas air reported at 66 east bound. -- in u.s. it reported at 66 east bound. you cannot get accident -- there is an accident also on 29. >> we will take it back in here because we will send things over to doug hill. >> this forecast is making your job easy is it not? >> today is exciting because we have something other than sunshine and 80's. we have a few thundershowers as the cold front comes this way. we will start you off with radar. it is diminishing as it approaches the northwestern suburbs. a lot of cloudiness.
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a few showers. our share our chances will increase this afternoon. you see clusters of showers and storms west of the appalachians. will have a fair amount of cloudiness. we have some sun later today. upper 70's today. this will and by the evening. here is what we expect time wise. temperatures reach our starting this morning. temperatures are comfortable. yesterday, we had a record high of 82 at reagan national. 84 at washington dulles. right now, the numbers will climb out of the 40's into the upper 70's. take a look at the next seven days. we see a 60% -- 60% chance of showers this afternoon. we turn cooler with the breeze on sunday with limited sunshine and then we warm up next week. that is it for now. we will talk more soon. >> warm, but comfortable.
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>> that will be nice and st. patrick's day. >> the federal government is starting to tackle the most common kind of fraud. they include charging customers by the ice used to keep fish or bloating see fit to make it appear bigger. a link between work and your waist line. women who experience workplace burnout are more likely to eat uncontrollably. >> early on the friday morning -- >> what is next for the s&p? >> a little more than an hour from now, the anticipation of travel's new product will be over. i will have more
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>> this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> the wait is almost door for apple fans. >> the new ipad hits the shelves and a medal of hours. demand is that passing supply. -- demand is outpacing supply. brianne carter is there. you cannot go cut in line. >> a slight nudge might be beneficial for getting into line. especially with these people. we have more people coming out here by the minute. the line continues to grow throughout the morning. people waiting to get their hands on the new ipad. this is the third version of the product being released viable. we are just a little more than an hour a wave now from the doors opening. this comes two years after the first version was released. apple says this new model has a sharper screen and improved camera and faster processor. a lot of people saying the improvements are a good thing. a lot of people talk about what is so important?
6:47 am
why do they wait in line to be one of the first? >> first in line, very excited. it is colder out than we wanted it to be. >> it is supposed to be the best tablet on the market. me being a guy, i want to be the first. >> event of people wanting to be one of the first. many people reordered this product online. it was first unveiled earlier. others making sure they can get in the doors at 8:00 this morning. apple employees unveiled the ipad here at the story little while ago. there was a canopy over the front of the door and they have taken that down. all of the ipads are on the shelves. 8:00 this morning is when they will finally be able to walk out with that new product in their hand. reporting live, brianne carter abc 7 news. >> do you tweet? put it on your face with your
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first? if he went to get one without waiting, enter our facebook giveaway. you have until 4:00 today to register. we will give away tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> good deal. we have some positive economic news made for another good day in wall street. s&p 500 closed above the 1400 level. that was the first time since jim 2008. the first-time unemployment alkylations fell more than expected. -- applications fell more than expected. meantime, relief it could be on the way for rising prices at the pump. president obama is thinking about dipping into the strategic petroleum reserve again. news of a move -- gas prices dropped 7 cents after he agreed to release oil reserves last summer. >> looking around the area,
6:49 am
maryland lawmakers will sign off on a billion dollar plan to build a casino and national harbor. prince george's county executive wants to support this. voters will have to approve a referendum. the soldiers suspected one of the large as classified information leaks in u.s. history could soon find out when his trial will begin. emotions during -- immersions -- a motions hearing for bradley manning will happen soon. >> track work will cause some delays for metro riders. the shady grove station will be closed until sunday. buses will run between shady grove and rock film. single tracking on parts of the orange blue, green lines also. at prince george's county, they are making more money than expected out of the kamar programs to catch speeders. the program will give between
6:50 am
$8,000,000.9000000 dollars officially -- originally projected to take over $4 million. they will have 70 to cameras in place by september. >> -- let us start with lisa baden and find out what is happening on the roads. >> we have a crash that turns out to be on 66 and 29- centreville. 66 is impacted with the wrecks. it is challenging to get there. maryland traffic is status quo. good around the beltway. nothing on the beltway and good and 270. we will look at the volume of 395. normal. ok back inside. >> thank you. let us a good morning to doug hill once again. >> good morning. today will be cooler than
6:51 am
yesterday. we will start our coverage with a look at the records. one at washington dulles at 84 degrees and another record reported at bwi marshall -- reagan national. no record at bwi marshall. they were cool comparatively. temperatures are ranging from the 40's and 50's. 48 in clarksburg right now. we will see most areas get above the 60 degree mark later this morning and into the 70's. he would see a glint of sunlight on the eastern horizon, but low clouds are hanging over the city and across the teddy roosevelt bridge making for a dark start for the camera. a few rain showers continue to diminish in the frederick. . it is coming across right now. we will have cloudiness. it will be warm. an unsettled pattern here. lb find cold front pushing through. that increase his chances to about 60% of thunder showers
6:52 am
this afternoon. limited sunshine at times. temperatures mainly in the '70s. if you are in the area of the jet, you'll get sunshine and you could hit the 80 degree mark. what is next? the weekend looks good. cooler. still very, very warm. partly sunny and 75 . cooler with temperatures in the mid 60's for the day on sunday. a damp day. we will see how much we get some sun on sunday. adam will highlight that more in his seventh day outlook when he joins you in a couple of minutes. have a great weekend. >> no complaints last couple of days. >> cannot be greedy. >> great looking weekend.
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>> just about five minutes before 7:00. as we check out our stories. the amber alert the abducted by as we take a look amber alert has been cancelled. wuilbert garcia and his mother were found at the reno, nev. airport. >> people are lining up to get their hands on the new ipad. it goes on sale at 8:00 this morning. >> one of the stores in georgetown -- the hoyas are gearing up for march madness.
6:56 am
they take on belmont at 3:00 p.m. >> let us look at traffic and weather. >> here is lisa. >> no accidents. a couple double impact you 166 but you'll find a lanes open. -- on 66, but you'll find lanes open. that bad on the weather, right? >> not at all. we will have clouds today. he said sun also. more white -- we will have a little bit of sun, but more widespread clouds. saturday and sunday, partly cloudy. temperatures dropping into the 60's. still come at 10 degrees above average. does not look like we will have record heat next week. miles, comfortable, and warm. >> and a little bit consistency -- a consistency. >> have a great weekend.
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